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Bukit Antarabangsa Sunday 14 Disember 2008

Top left: Residents of Bkt A'bangsa in a jovial mood. Top right: An Amal member (l) with an apartment owner.Bottom left: A friend of an owner lending his hand.Bottom right: The owners driving off perhaps, for the last time.

AMAL members in the midst of moving the belonging of an apartment unit. Bottom left: Whle the truck provided free by MPAJ is equiped with automatic lift platform,the furniture and other belonging still needed manual labourwhich was provided by these AMAL members.

Rain or shine, AMAL has come to the fore in many occasions, locally and abroad.They were there during the Johor Floods, Kampung Berembang,Kampung Rimba Jaya, and a host of places.Off course, they were also there during the 10-11 BERSIH March.Internationally, many of them have been to Acheh, Mindanao, Thailand, Pakistan,and several more, assiting the citizens with what they could.

YB Doc Lo'Lo', was a difficult subject to capture on camera; everytime I tried,she would be face another direction at the last minute. Either that, or the lighting were bad.Limping from the apartment block up the hill towards the tent,I was caught unaware when she she said"Why didn't you call AMAL (to assist you)?"But, what a lady.

During the heavy downpour on that day, many had to huddle in this small tent which lay some 200meters from the landslide path. It was also where LKKPP and Unit AMAL used to distribute food.Top right: Unit AMAL members performing the Zohor prayers within a small confine.

Soon after performing Zohor prays, only then did they have their lunch.

Sumber maklumat :

Foremost, I would like to highlight a point or two: this posting and any related to it, are not meant to capture the scene of the tragedy, rather, another perspective of the site other than the mainstream media.

Another is that, the mainstream media would only showcase the 'heroic' acts of the Sarkas while rarely or never ever, show the unselfish assistance of the common people, most especially those from the Pakatan Rakyat. An example of how a Sarkas goon was trying to hog the limelight for herself was printed in The Star today.

While visiting the relief and support center, the lady noticed many PAS Muslimat and PKR Women assisting the Red Crescent (PBSM) there. She immediately directed those from PAS and PKR to be sent away. But a PBSM officer told her bluntly "There ladies have been assisting us here since Day1 without any fanfare from the media. Had it not been for them, we could not have managed by ourselves!".

Sincere Assitance.

The members of Unit AMAL were on hand from Day1, providing what assistance they can to the victims, stranded residents as well as authorities. When Wak and I began our coverage, none of them knew we were coming. Nor were they expecting anyone to cover their story.

In an area smaller than Petaling Jaya, AMAL was as elusive as perhaps, the Yeti - we simply could not find them on the first 2 days we were there! Operating without communication equipment except for handphones, we finally managed to find one AMAL unit on the morning of the 3rd day. But by then, Wak and I had to split where Wak made coverage of B Doc Lo'Lo' while I took shots of the AMAL unit in Impiana Selatan Apartment blocks.v

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